Monday, October 8, 2012

London: rainy day two

Oh, hi there.

We started our day with a huge breakfast at our hotel room. T'was delicious.

We then hit the street to visit the Yelp UK office! Once outside we were showered with a proper English rain. First thing Lindsay said was, ”Would ya look at it?!” I looked at it.

The Yelp UK office was awesome. Really great building, great people. There we met up with Kaitlin, our host for the rest of our London stay, then we were off again.

First stop was the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone. That was swell. Then we just kinda walked around. We ended up at St. Paul's Cathedral. We popped in a bit late for a tour, so that'll be tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a busy one. St. Paul's, Buckingham, and 3 museums.

Hopefully we get a wee bit of sun as well.

Attached photos:
Lindsay's ILLEGAL photo inside St. Paul's.
The Rosetta Stone
Roasted cacahuetes (peanuts)


  1. Nice pictures and what a programm for tomorow !!

  2. You saw some really interesting stuff! Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's activities!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Grandma Iris has been very excited to see your pictures and find out what you're doing. Keep 'em coming! Love you guys!